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Long Time Away

Its been quite a while since I posted on the blog. I had been busy with my exams and also had started at a job. But now that I finished my year I got free time and I am going to start on what I hope will be a long journey for you (The Reader) and me. As the blog states Unravel the Unknown thats what we are going to do in this journey.

Next we will start on our first leg of the journey. Each new leg will cover a different topic and this topic will be discussed across many posts. So keep a watch and you will be rewarded.


A Look at F1-TM

Today lets take a look at online game “Formula One-Team Manager” (also known as F1-TM). I joined F1-TM way back in 2005 september. At that time I used to play lots of games online, but that love never lasted over a month or till the novelty of the game lasted which was not long. It was around this time I stumbled upon F1-TM and what intrigued me to join the game was it was the first online management game for Formula One.

F1-TM turns two year this June. It has been a long journey for the game and it has been an exciting experience for me as a gamer. When I joined the game was in nascent stages yet it was a fairly good game, though at that time I thought it was fantastic game.

When you first sign-up which is a breeze to do you get your own team. No delays and waiting or queuing up to get a team which in lot of the online games is the major problem. Now that you have your team you are straight into the nitty-gritty of managing your team. You decide what sort of staff and how many you want. You start on your research projects. You have to make sure your finances are secure to do that get your commercial staff to work on potential sponsors for next season. Go and set your qualifying strategies and pit strategies for your drivers. Now that was a general overview of the game. The game is played over 17 days season and its an endless cycle wherein you play season after season.

Let’s go a bit more into detail regarding some features of the game which makes it stand apart from the rest.

  • Building your own facilities and select Staff Leaders, that make a difference to how your team performances or makes progress over the projects.
  • The ability to make your own engine. If unable to do so you can take supplier engine and develop it.
  • Youth drivers are the most unique of the features I have come across any online game. Find your own teen wonder kid and train him. Promote him to your team driver as he turns 21 and the satisfaction you achieve is something different.
  • Qualifying Format according to the current FormulaOne regulation and format.

That was in the features of the game but according to me what makes the game worth playing is the community. The community of this game one of the best I have seen around in a long time and that has been one of the major reasons why I have stayed so long in this game. The number of friends I have made in this game is more than worth it. I have played a few other Formula1 management games but this part was lacking in all of them. The admin and mods are also very friendly and quite active in the forum. They take a real look at what the players say about the game and what sort of improvements need to be done for the game. They just don’t listen but they act on it.

Now lets take a look at the weak point of the game.

  • The research and development module is too linear for a game which gives such depth.
  • The youths are a subscriber only feature and these youths develop to such a level that it’s quite difficult for a non-youth driver to beat after a certain stage. Even if a non-youth is trained to quite high levels he is near retirement age. So the end result is you get 2-3 seasons of success for over ten seasons of training. A proper balance has to be achieved.
  • The game does not give enough control over the race itself. In race it is all up to your drivers which is also true in F1 too. But as you are sitting on the pit wall you should be able to define certain race orders which should provide a new dimension to the game.

So coming to the conclusion I would give the game an 8 out of 10. This game offers a lot which will satisfy your needs for a good F1 Management game. So do try out the game at F1-TM.

This is my own opinion and I welcome any discussions and comments you have on the post.

The Blog Header

About every few days I will be changing the Blog Picture Header. Now I will be featuring interesting photography I find around the internet. This is just one way of showing of some beautiful photography and also this will give the blog a fresh feeling.

R.I.P Bob Woolmer

Bob Woolmer

On18 March 2007 Bob Woolmer was found unconscious in his hotel room in Kingston, Jamaica. He was taken to the nearby University Hospital but it was later confirmed that he had died. This unfortunate incident happened the day after Pakistan suffered an unexpected defeat against Ireland at 2007 Cricket World Cup, which virtually knocked out the former champions out of the competition.

Teams wore black armbands, flags in the stadiums were flown at half-mast and a minute’s silence was observed before the games in his honour on the Monday after his death. The same will occur before the final 2007 World Cup match for Pakistan, against Zimbabwe on 21 March 2007.

Robert Andrew “Bob” Woolmer was an former international cricketer and a professional cricket coach. He played 19 Test matches and 6 ODIs for England from 1972 to 1976. But Woolmer’s international career stalled after he joined the Kerry Packer run World Series . In 1982 he took part in the South Africa rebel tours which effectively ended is cricket career.

He later coached Warwickshire County club in 1991 before becoming the coach for South Africa in 1994. After the 1999 World Cup he was offered the England Coach job which he declined. He was appointed the coach for Pakistan team in 2004. The Pakistan team achieved some measure of success with him.

What I found shameful is the rumor mongers rearing their dirty head. I have heard rumors that he had claimed his own life. Really what sort of people can say that? Have some dignity and let the soul rest in peace. Some idiots have even claimed that he was poisoned by crazy fans for the defeat against Ireland. I guess some people will never grow.

Nevertheless Cricket has lost a leading light which will be difficult to replace.

Rest In Peace Bob Woolmer

Lets Get the Ball Rolling!

Finally after ages and eons of trying to get myself online presence I finally moved myself to do it. Now that the Ball is rolling the question can I keep it in motion?

First thing first let me introduce myself. I am 21 yr old dude doing my Electronics and Communication Engineering. My hometown is Ahemdabad which I feel is the best city. I am studying out here in Bangalore and been here for 3 years now.

Writing is something which I feel comes naturally to me. I have dabbled in poetry and short stories when I was younger, but as i grew older they did not hold my attention much longer. Now I am drawn towards bigger writing. I am currently working on my own book and this blog is the extension of me which I would like to use as platform to air my views and talk with everyone.